Let's look back at the past few months of Spring and Summer of 2022 as the Yellow team attended various outstanding Web3 conferences worldwide to showcase the upcoming Yellow Network global P2P cross-chain liquidity overlay and connect with fellow crypto enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and developers who are changing the world.

Yellow at MetaVentures Phuket

At the MetaVentures Phuket Conference held in Thailand on 7-9 May, Yellow was represented by Camille Meulien, Chief Technical Officer of Yellow. Camille is a brilliant software architect with over 15 years of experience in FinTech security, Big Data, distributed, and high-traffic systems.

MetaVentures Phuket was a unique experience where you could immerse yourself in the unforgettable atmosphere of the Metaverse development, digital art, and NFTs and delve more into the latest developments in digital assets, DeFi, DAOs, and different types of blockchains.

Yellow at Thailand Crypto Expo 2022

Right after the MetaVentures Phuket Conference, we came to Southeast Asia's largest crypto expo as a big team of around 15 people. Camille Meulien, CTO of Yellow, retook the stage at Thailand Crypto Expo 2022 with a presentation focused on how Yellow Network is becoming the financial layer to unite the blockchain world, the main problems of Web3, and the solution that Yellow achieved.

The event provided the opportunity to meet with the leading providers, product owners, and global services of blockchain projects from upstream to downstream, as well as leading executives, founders, experts, and C-levels from all over the world, in sectors such as exchanges, mining, utility tokens, security, NFTs and GameFi.

Check out the Yellow YouTube channel for the entire presentation of Yellow Network by Camille Meulien at Thailand Crypto Expo 2022.

Yellow at AIBC World Summit Toronto

Meanwhile, the Yellow team prepared for the AIBC World Summit, which took place on June 6-9 in Toronto. The AIBC Americas is one of the leading events globally for blockchain, AI, crypto, and other emerging technologies.

We had a fantastic time getting together with our friends and partners and building new valuable connections. Yellow also planned plenty of intriguing activities for its community: exclusive meetings with the Yellow team, different workshops, and a highly-anticipated $YELLOW token sale.

Louis Bellet, Yellow CEO, gave a keynote speech at AIBC Summit in Toronto titled "Crossing the Chasm Between WEB 2.0 and WEB 3.0." Louis is a renowned software architect and serial entrepreneur in the fintech, crypto, and blockchain spaces, dedicating significant efforts to building the new Web3 financial layer powered by blockchain and state channel technologies.

“Our long-term objective is a global trading and remittance system powered by blockchain tech that makes crypto actually accessible and helpful to people,”— says Louis Bellet, CEO of Yellow, in an exclusive interview for Block Magazine.

Want to learn more about Yellow Network and the solutions to scaling the Internet from Web2 to Web3? Check out the full exclusive interview by Louis Bellet for Block Magazine, managed by Sigma.

We are honored to announce that we won The Exchange Of The Year 2022. A big thank you to all who support our project as Yellow keeps rapidly growing and evolving, and we are here for the long run.

Yellow at Consensus 2022 by Coindesk

While traveling across America, Louis Bellet, CEO of Yellow, and Anastasiia Bobeshko, CMO of Yellow, visited Consensus 2022 by CoinDesk on June 9-12th in Austin, Texas.

The 2022 Consensus by Coindesk is a festival for the decentralized world, where thousands of brightest minds and impactful voices will come together. It is the only festival hosted by CoinDesk that covers all sides of blockchain, crypto, Web3, and the Metaverse.

We had an excellent time understanding the pulse of the crypto industry in 2022, participating in thought-provoking discussions, and meeting many inspirational people shaping our future.

Yellow at Crypto Expo Milan

Our team spent several days at the Crypto Expo Milan dedicated to the mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, DeFi ecosystems, NFT, Metaverse, and Web3.

We were pleased to unite with our Italian friends and the international community that attended, share the knowledge, discuss the industry's trending topics with other experts, and learn more about blockchain and DeFi ecosystems.

Stas Liutenko, Yellow Sales Lead, recorded many engaging interviews for you to watch. Follow our YouTube channel and stay tuned for more content from the conference.

Yellow at European Blockchain Convention 2022

And last but not least is the European Blockchain Convention 2022 in Barcelona. The event has featured 120 speakers across various panels, keynotes, workshops, and fireside chats on the current state of blockchain, crypto, DeFi, NFTs, and Web3.

Stay Tuned For More Yellow Roadshows

At Yellow, we believe in lifelong learning and effective networking, and we will continue to highlight the unique Yellow Network project, broaden our network and forge new partnerships.

Thank you for reading, and keep an eye on more announcements on Yellow Twitter and Yellow Telegram!

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