Toronto, Canada, September 25th, 2023, Chainwire

TYRION, an innovative force in the realm of decentralized digital advertising, proudly announces the launch of its revolutionary blockchain advertising technology. This launch marks a radical shift in an aging industry that has seen little innovation in the past decade and is currently centralized and dominated by two tech behemoths.

In the age of digital marketing, and certainly in the world of crypto and blockchain, challenges such as lack of transparency, data privacy concerns, ever-declining ROI, and fraud have been pervasive. Tyrion aims to revolutionize this space by offering a decentralized solution that addresses these challenges head-on, fostering an ecosystem of trust, transparency, user empowerment, and user reward.

At the core of this platform lies the $TYRION token, designed to seamlessly integrate and support every facet of the platform's operations. $TYRION is not just another crypto token; it is the lifeblood of the new digital marketing paradigm–and serves as the primary mode of transaction while incentivizing active participation, ad moderation, and establishing credibility within the ecosystem.

Tyrion aims to disrupt the digital advertising industry and improve the virality potential of advertising campaigns. Tyrion allows anyone on any platform to be an advertiser–transforming the entire digital world into a potential billboard. 

Key Features of TYRION

Social Platform Integration: Tyrion integrates with platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram, bridging the gap between decentralized advertising and the heart of modern digital communities.

Staking & Moderation: Token holders can stake with Ad Publishers and actively participate in ad moderation, ensuring quality and integrity.

Analytics: Robust analytics tools for advertisers and Ad Publishers to track performance metrics.

Integrated Secure Payment System: Advertisers and Ad Publishers can transact using the TYRION token, ensuring a consistent value flow within the ecosystem and the security of all transactions.

Empowered Governance: TYRION token holders can participate in the platform's decision-making processes, ensuring it remains community-driven.

Referral System & Virality: A reward-based referral system to drive platform adoption and amplify its user base.

Deflationary Mechanism: 2% of all ad revenue is burned, making $TYRION a deflationary token, which, coupled with increasing demand, fosters economic stability.

The Tyrion team boasts a leadership that has been in the crypto space for over half a decade, an eternity in the blockchain industry. Tyrion's executives are a who's who of prominent entrepreneurs, innovators, and communications specialists–with accomplishments ranging from working on a data server for a Lunar mission, building a social media network alongside Intel Capital, and producing television content for major global networks.

The team is bolstered by a vision and strategic partnerships with major marketing firms and leading web3 platforms. These alliances ensure that the Tyrion platform remains at the cutting edge of advertising strategies and blockchain technology.

"For too long, the digital advertising industry has been dominated by centralized entities that prioritize profits over transparency and user experience. With Tyrion, we're taking the power back and putting it into the hands of the community. Our platform stands as a testament to what's achievable when technology and vision converge," says Patrick Gajda, CEO of Tyrion.

TYRION has been making waves in the crypto community in the lead-up to this launch. The platform's roadmap showcases a series of advancements with many more promising developments. 

As decentralized platforms become the standard in the advertising world, TYRION is set to be recognized as a pioneer driving this transformative shift. With its focus on trust, transparency, and community empowerment, Tyrion isn't just heralding the future of advertising; it's shaping it.

Crypto news outlets and enthusiasts are encouraged to keep a close watch on Tyrion as it disrupts the digital marketing paradigm and offers a glimpse into the future of decentralized advertising.


TYRION is a cutting-edge decentralized advertising platform that leverages the power of blockchain technology to bring transparency, trust, and efficiency to digital marketing. With its native $TYRION token, the platform offers many features tailored to the needs of advertisers, publishers, and users.

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